At O’Donovan Lavin, we take an active interest in our clients’ businesses working closely as Business Advisors in addition to being Accountants, Auditors, Taxation and Corporate Finance specialists.

We are a long established firm with a particular expertise in providing advice and services to SMEs, be it Limited Companies, Sole Traders or Partnerships.

The past number of years have been difficult for anyone in business and proactive professional advice is extremely important to ensure survival in this changing economic climate.

The essence of O’Donovan Lavin is to deliver a first class and personal service to all our clients across all business sectors.

If you are an existing or new business who require advice in any of the areas that we specialise in we would love to meet you. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation.

As newly appointed Director of Business Services at ODL I will be ensuring that the tradition of personalised, efficient and cost effective services will continue to be provided to all clients.

Although the business climate has been extremely difficult, the worst would appear to be over.  You need to have confidence in yourself, believe in what you are doing and in your own ability to achieve success.  Many businesses shoot themselves in the foot by trying to be everything to everybody and may need to narrow their focus.  Of its nature being in business means that you have taken a risk for personal reward.  You must accept that you are going to experience knocks and set-backs. The secret is to learn from those and to move on without allowing them to dilute your enthusiasm or ambition for the future.  Our goal at ODL is to ensure that existing and new clients benefit from the tailored services which we offer around each individuals business needs.