Bookkeeping Service

The firm currently undertakes bookkeeping assignments for a number and variety of clients. The records produced are dependent on the client’s requirements which in some instances are as simple as producing records on which VAT returns can be based and regular VAT returns made to the Collector General. In other instances the assignment will involve bookkeeping in respect of all aspects of the client’s records (bank, cash, purchase invoices, supplier’s accounts, sales invoices and customers’ accounts). In these cases the records will form the basis of interim and annual reporting functions and provide the Nominal Ledger and Trial Balances upon which the accounts will be substantially based.

We are regularly in discussions with new clients to ascertain their organisation structure, reporting requirements, expertise of in-house staff, etc., to help and advise them select appropriate software which will fulfil their bookkeeping needs.

Payroll Service

We provide an extensive payroll service which is efficient and cost effective.  We work with each of our clients individually to tailor a payroll solution which best suits their requirements.

What we can Provide:

1.     Gross to Net Calculation

We can calculate all deductions made from employee’s salaries i.e. PAYE/PRSI/USC and deal with calculations of notional pay/benefit in kind (BIK) emergency tax and holiday pay.  (payslips provided for every pay period).

2.     Revenue

We submit the monthly P30’s on our Client’s behalf and ensure the correct liability is remitted to the Revenue which avoids waiting for large refunds until the year end which will aid cash flow management.

3.     Legislative Compliance

We can implement all necessary legislative changes as they arise.  A significant challenge for any payroll operator will be dealing with the implications of statutory requirements arising from changes in legislation that are introduced.  Failure to understand and implement these changes can prove very costly.  We will keep updated on all important payroll related dates.

4.     End of Year Administration P60’s P35 Reconciliations

We can complete the Form P35 and submit it to Revenue Commissioners before the required filing deadline.  We can also issue Form P60 to each employee.

5.     Client Enquiry Service

O’Donovan Lavin will appoint one Staff Member who will oversee the administration of the payroll service for the employer.  We will provide support to both the employer and the employees and deal with queries and provide on-going support.

By outsourcing your payroll/bookkeeping, it will free up more time to allow you to grow your business whilst having the peace of mind that your affairs are being dealt with in a professional and confidential manner.