9 09, 2015


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In our article this week Noelle O’Connor, Director of Business Services discusses tax saving measures that will help everybody in all aspects of their business and personal life. Now that the kids are back to school/college and your wallets have been emptied I thought it best to start the new term with a summary of [...]

5 05, 2015

New Companies Act 2014 – Part 2

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In our last article we spoke about the Introduction of the new Companies Act 2014 which is due to come into effect this June, with a particular focus on the two main types of private companies which will exist under the Act – that is Company Limited by Shares (“LTD” – sometimes referenced as “CLS”) [...]

15 04, 2015

Companies Act 2014

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NEW COMPANIES ACT 2014  In our last article we briefly spoke about the introduction of the Companies Act 2014. After a lengthy passage through the Oireachtas, the Companies Act 2014 was signed into law on 23 December 2014 and is likely to come into effect in June 2015. The main features of the new Companies [...]

30 03, 2015

Save Costs By Availing Of Audit Exemption

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In our last article we covered what to expect from the annual company audit. In this article we will look at the exemption from audit available to certain companies. All companies are required to attach audited accounts with the annual return to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) under the terms of Companies Amendment Act, 1986. [...]

7 03, 2015

Your Annual Company Audit

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A lot of management and employees live in fear of the annual company audit. They feel it offers no real benefit to the company other than focusing on their errors and shortfalls during the year. However, the annual company audit should be used as a way to bring the financial procedures of the company [...]

23 02, 2015

P35 Deadline

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P35 Deadline 23rd February 2015 By Noelle O’Connor, O’Donovan Lavin   If you’re an Employer, February 14th isn’t all about flowers and chocolates. It’s an important day for Employers because it’s the last day before the deadline (15th February) for the submission and payment of the 2014 P35 Returns to the Revenue Commissioners.   For [...]

4 02, 2015

The Liquidation Process, Safeguards for Company Directors & Process of Restoring a Company

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In our column this week, Keith O'Donovan of O’Donovan Lavin Accountants & Business Advisors discusses The Liquidation process, Safeguards for Company Directors in an Insolvency situation and the process of restoring a Company after liquidation or strike-off: Following on from the first part of this discussion, I would like to bring to the reader’s attention, [...]

4 02, 2015

Options for closing down a Company

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In our column this week, Keith O'Donovan (Business Services & Corporate Recovery) of O’Donovan Lavin Accountants & Business Advisors discusses the options available if you wish to close down a Company that you no longer require in Ireland: There are two general ways to arrange the affairs of a Company; it can either be Struck-off the Company registrar [...]

27 09, 2014

Corporation Tax & Annual Return Deadline

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Are you ready? Corporation Tax If you are trading as a Limited Company, then the Company must submit a corporation tax return nine months after the accounting year end. For example if your Company prepares its accounts to the year ended 31 December 2013, then the Company’ s corporation tax return will be due to [...]

16 08, 2014

Start Up Corporation Tax Exemption

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Statistics Over 1,500 Irish Company start-ups were formed last month – the highest for new companies in July since 2007. Company start-ups rose 11% (1,518) in July 2014 when compared to the same month last year (1,371) – this is an average of 49 new companies being formed daily last month. Corporation Tax Exemption New [...]