O’Donovan Lavin’s team boasts considerable Banking experience. The team is at the forefront of shaping emerging trends in debt restructuring.

Our experienced team provide innovative debt restructuring solutions. We manage the process of negotiation with numerous counterparties and define a strategic road map for dealing with each Bank. In negotiating with Banks, we set realistic objectives that focus on business survival.

Achieving Debt Settlement Agreements requires both Bank and Borrower to make allowances as part of the negotiation process. We identify the key areas of influence that best position our clients in agreeing a negotiated settlement.

Our client base includes various business types ranging from sole traders and partnerships to corporate bodies. Our client portfolio is compiled from a varied spectrum, including:

  • Hotel and Leisure
  • Property Investment
  • Transport
  • Licensed Trade
  • Property Development
  • Nursing Homes and Care Facilities
  • Agriculture