Sourcing and securing capital has become a very intricate task for many businesses. Capital is scarce, expensive and often accompanied by pre-conditions and non-performance penalties. Yet it is also vital to the survival of most businesses, not just at start up but to fund growth and expansion.

Here at O’Donovan Lavin, our advisory team has worked with many of our clients – during the boom and in today’s leaner times – to identify the most appropriate form(s) of funding and project manage the fundraising process.

When devising the optimum funding mix of debt and equity, we use our relationships with banks, private investors, venture capitalists, private equity houses or state agencies to recommend the most cost effective and commercially appropriate form of funding.

Our Services Include:

  • Project managing the fundraising process
  • Assessing the funding requirements and recommending a funding strategy
  • Business plan preparation including financial modelling and projections to illustrate potential returns to investors
  • Negotiating the valuation and investment terms
  • Recommending cost- and tax-efficient structures
  • Benchmarking terms and pricing
  • Deal due diligence