Project Description

Our dedicated tax team provide a professional, personalised client service to meet all our clients’ compliance, tax planning and consultancy requirements.

We ensure our clients are well advised in tax matters relating to their businesses and other tax related decisions and transactions. Our team provide services and professional advice to ensure that our clients are tax compliant across all tax heads and well advised and positioned to minimise their tax exposure while maximising the use of tax reliefs and appropriate tax shelters.

Our comprehensive tax service includes:

  • Corporate Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Personal Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Capital Gains Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax on receipt of Gifts and Inheritances
  • Tax Implications of Property Transactions
  • Tax Implications of Marital Breakdowns
  • Value Added Tax on all business and property transaction
  • Tax health checks
  • Revenue Audits and Settlement

Considering the number of tax issues arising with business, property and other financial transactions on an ongoing basis it is important that individuals seek prompt and professional advice during the course of evaluating and completing transactions to protect their interests and maximise their return.

We provide expert services for specific consultancy assignments, including the following:

  • Estate Planning, planning for the transfer of the family business
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Residency
  • Company Reconstructions, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Employee incentive and redundancy packages
  • PRSI and Pension Consultancy Services
  • Managing Revenue Audits
  • Property Transactions
  • Loss of earnings claims